About us

Information about us for domestic and foreign manufacturers, dealers and importers.


About us

SCHEUFER offers suitable compliance solutions for the German market, especially for foreign manufacturers and exporters. We can act for you as an authorized representative and contact person based in Germany in front of the national authorities and registers and perform your legal obligations on your behalf. We offer our services and advice in German and English, with a focus on the German market, both for customers in Germany, the European Union (EU) and for international customers.

Our goals

WEEE Services – SCHEUFER has decided to participate in the steadily growing market for compliance solutions for manufacturers, dealers and importers who want and have to comply with the increased legal requirements for the protection of the environment and health. We want to use our experience and expertise profitably for you and help you meet your requirements.

Our tasks

We at WEEE Services – SCHEUFER would like to help you, as an authorized representative and contact person based in Germany, with a smooth start to the sale of your products. This applies to all potential customers, regardless of whether they are based in the European Union (EU) or outside of it. We take on tasks such as registration, reporting and feedback on your behalf.

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SCHEUFER Technologies GmbH
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E-mail: info@european-recycling.de

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